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        Industrial paper series
        Release date:2018/1/31 21:01:00    views:296383 clicks
        Product Description:

        Main Brands and Varieties:

        Upscale yellow anti-sticking base paper, ordinary yellow/white anti-sticking base paper, bill base paper, cast coating base paper, PE paper, stripping base paper, white kraft paper

        Weight Range:


        Main Production Subsidiaries:

        Shouguang Light Coated Paper Mill, Shouguang Special Paper Mill, Wuhan Chenming, Jiangxi Chenming, Zhanjiang Chenming

        Characteristics of Products:

        Good evenness, high bursting strength, good surface smoothness, compound and crosscutting performance

        Range of Application:

        Anti-sticking base paper is mainly used for producing the paper base of stripping paper and anti-sticking paper; cast coating base paper is used for producing adhesive paper or playcard compound paper.

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